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How Is McDonald's Different In Sweden?

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How is McDonald's different in Sweden? We visited an outlet in Stockholm to try Sweet Potato Fries, Falafel and the McVegan. The burger contains a meatless soy patty and special vegan McFeast sauce.

The McVegan was developed in 2017 by Orkla in Malmö, Sweden . The soy patty includes tomato, onion and peppers. It's accompanied by vegan McFeast sauce and ketchup. McDonald's opened its first branch in Sweden in 1973. It's the largest fast food retailer in the country, alongside Max's and Burger King. A recent poll found one in ten people in Sweden identify as vegan or vegetarian, rising to one in five for the under 30s.

McDonald's serves a wide range of vegetarian menu items, from Sweet Potato Fries to Falafel, and Chilli Cheese Bites. The burger menu includes the Veggie Tasty, Veggie Hot Sriracha, Veggie Classic and the popular McVegan. The fast food chain has recently launched a vegan McFalafel meal aimed at children. 

McDonald's menu items vary around the world. From beer in european countries such as Sweden and Denmark to China and Hong Kong's "Taro Pie" and India's "Maharaja Mac".

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How Is McDonald's Different In Sweden?

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