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Welcome to the launch of Aab's very own YouTube Channel!

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Aab? Has the thought ever crossed your mind as to what actually goes into making an Aab garment? Or is it just another off the shelf piece..?

It's true we do make Abayas, Hijabs and modest clothing, but there is a lot more to Aab than meets the eye, so Aab have created a video to give you an insight into our world to show you all what actually goes on ''Behind The Seams'' at Aab! , and how everything at Aab starts and finishes with a personal touch.

Aab was born out of a passion to clothe women modestly in a beautiful way, keeping things feminine, modest and inline with latest trends, in superior fabrics. Our designs are typically seen as being smart yet innovative, taking inspiration from many cultures whilst retaining Aab's own distinctive look. Our garments are created exclusively by Aab and are heavily influenced by oriental and eastern styles whilst remaining relevant to the Muslim woman of the West. Fabrics are sourced from a variety of far flung places to produce long lasting clothes which feel simply exquisite to touch.

When we go about creating designs, we don't just go for what's easy and cheap to make... The changing trends and technologies in fashion mean that it is cheaper to mass produce clothes. However these clothes do not last long and their production comes at a high environmental and often social cost. From our inception we have not been interested in making disposable fashion. We use fabrics and design that endures. Our collection is something that cannot be imitated cheaply on the high street, because of the quality of the fabrics and more importantly because of the skill of the weavers who make them.

For those who don't already know, Aab is very concerned with the environment and where possible, use natural fibers and or fabrics made from the highest quality procured from places where ethical values such as our own are in place.

At Aab we strive to operate in an ethical manner, and aim to take into account the needs of all, including our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our aim is to improve conditions in the supply chain and to be responsible for our role in that chain. All of our suppliers abide by a "code of conduct" that requires high standards of health, safety and pay. As part of this code employers agree to ensure that the conditions for workers are safe, that they are paid a living wage and that they can work free from harassment. Aab will never use suppliers who are unwilling to meet these standards for their employees.

We love to microfinance the local communities we work with and ensure that at no cost child labour or any underage labour are recruited within our factories. Further, Aab supports the cause of women who have become widows or displaced and unable to leave their homes for work.

When you buy an Aab garment, rest assured, your money has gone towards people earning an honest living and into the right pockets. We don't believe in mass producing at the cost of human life or for unhealthy profits. Aab cares and we hope you do to.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our video and will share with all your friends and family....

Love Aab...

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