Doc McStuffins Talking Check-up Set with Stuffy, Chilly and Lambie by DisneyToysReview

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Place the patients (Lambie, Suffy and Chilly) on the checkup table and press the button to hear them talk. Lambie is a stuffed lamb who is one of Doc's best friends. She is very sweet, likes to hug people and is a gifted dancer who wears a pink bow with her matching tutu. Her other friends are Stuffy, Hallie and Chilly. Stuffy is a stuffed blue dragon who tries to be the bravest dragon of all but does not succeed at that every time especially with spiders which he has a fear of. He is also clumsy. He is one of Doc's friends and his other friends are Hallie, Lambie and Chilly. Dottie "Doc" McStuffins is the main character of the series. Doc is a six-year-old girl who likes to fix toys, dolls and stuffed animals. She also wants to be a doctor like her mother, one day. Chilly is a stuffed snowman who worries a lot, and does not always seem sure that he isn't a real snowman. He is sweet and one of Doc's fearful friends.

Thank you for watching this toy review from toychannel DisneyToysReview and have a great 2014 Easter filled with chocolate eggs and playdoh.

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