The More You Love Him, The Less You Should Show It

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The More You Love Him, The Less You Should Show It

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Today, we'll be talking about the more you love him, the less you should show it. It's a little unfortunate that this is the point we've gone to as human beings but we're all consistently reminded about this unfortunate part of life and we sort of don't pay attention to it because we're distracted with other things and our desires.

Just pay attention to this: Haven't you noticed that the nicer you are to somebody you love or the more unconditional love you try to give, the more they take you for granted? For some reason, we see this in our lives and we just hope that the next time this happens, it works.

It reminds me of how we play slot machines, even if we keep losing, we remember that one time we won so we still play. The only reason why a lot of people give unconditional love is not that it works but because it's more of an addiction and because you rationalize it and they can't control themselves.

This is a pure compulsion and that's why it's easier to give advice than to take it because what most people are operating under is not something logical but more of an emotional or selfish place. If you actually analyze your life, the more somebody shows they are dependent on you, the more they take you for granted.

When you show the person how much you need them or how much you depend on them, you got to realize that people are always secretly looking for power. Anytime somebody serves you, they don't serve you by choice but because they have to.

People are constantly looking for power and as soon as you give them that power by validating them without them working for it, they're gonna grow arrogant. From time to time, you should show coldness.

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