Ready To Go- YJ Valentine's Day MEP [Closed]

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Well, my estimate of afternoon quickly changed to evening.... But in my defense, I only had 4 hours of sleep last night...or maybe it was less, and crashed the minute I got home, so I'm within my rights here XD

Which is also why the layout for the video looks pretty much the same as the Holiday MEP, I'm really not creative when it comes to these MEP handouts.

Anyway! I've been meaning to do this for a while, ever since I watched the Smurfs....what! There are some pretty amazing end credits songs, you should try it! But anyway, I wasn't sure if making one MEP after another would become way too overwhelming. However, with Valentine's Day coming up next month, I thought, why not!

So, once again, this will be a Pairing MEP, and the theme is Person A trying to motivate Person B, get them to come with them, to escape, to trust them, you choose! XD

And I also proved how much of a failure I am, again....divided the music by 12, got 11 parts, with the 11th part being quite short, so if you do want to participate, but know you don't have a lot of time, you could try going for that part!

Is it really that hard to divide parts!? I mean seriously, not cool.

Due date will be in 1 month exactly, ergo, the 12th of February, I hope that's not too soon for everyone?

Had to do a minor pitch shift, since youtube decided to spare me the education of all the countries currently existing, as they did with my original November EoM video, and just told me "blocked worldwide." Thank you youtube for sparing me a block of text.

This time the shift is higher, I usually go for a low shift, but I don't think them croaking was sonorously pleasing.

And don't forget to give Kaldur lots of love! So, be creative in your pairings! [says the girl who keeps picking pseudo canon couples for her MEP parts....]

In other words, each pairing can only be used once. And also, ease up on Zatanna guys!

Note: If you are still interested, just let me know, you'll be added to a wait list, and if anyone drops out, you'll be contacted!

Part 1: YJFanVids [Robin x Zatanna]

Part 2: KittyprydeX1 [Tula x Zatanna]

Part 3: VodkaAndScones [Wally x Roy]

Part 4: DSVII [Aqualad x Miss Martian]

Part 5: AznDramaQueen [Roy x Artemis]

Part 6: disneykid321 [Zatanna x Artemis]

Part 7: robinluvzbatgirl [Kaldur x Garth]

Part 8: xyukixx [Kid Flash x Artemis]

Part 9: liv4losh [Robin x Artemis]

Part 10: RebellaShadow [Robin x Kid Flash]

Part 11: WallArtFTW [Red Arrow x Cheshire]

As for downloading the parts, it'll either be sometime tonight, or early tomorrow morning, depending on when I fall asleep.

Also, have fun you guys! I saw some incredible talent in the last MEP, lets see if we can't repeat that for this one as well!

This is first come, first serve, so have at it! This ISN'T exclusively for YJCrew Members, but for ANYONE that wishes to participate, so don't be shy! :)

Song info is right on the video, kind of obvious too, but just in case someone hadn't noted...I'm pointing it out.


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