Roadtrip Vlogs: Indianapolis, IN - Museum, AWESOME Meet Up & The HORRIBLE Thing That Happened Next

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(This is the second day of the series. Unfortunately, the real second day of the trip was lost.) Playlist -
Welcome to this LIMITED EDITION Vlog series! I have no intention of vlogging on this channel after I return home next month. I hope those of you who do enjoy vlogs, love seeing my crazy family travel across the country!
After you watch this video, you'll know why I haven't put any content up on my channel. Thankfully, I do have wifi tonight and I was able to repurchase my computer so that I could edit and upload a BUNCH of vlogs. Unfortunately, my Grav3YardGirl palette video and the Day 2 Vlog were on the memory card in my computer when it was stolen, so those videos, essentially, no longer exist. I plan on refilling the Grav3yardGirl video when I get back at the end of July.
A special thank you to all of the people who learned about this on social media right after it happened and offered to help. Thankfully, insurance is going to cover most of the loss. We could have been out THOUSANDS, but we are only going to be out about $500. It still makes me sick, but at least we will be able to repurchase what was lost. I seriously can't thank everyone enough for your kindness and support, especially for all of the virtual hugs for my kids.

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