The Number of 'Are We There Yets?' you'll hear on the average summer road trip

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The average American will spend nearly 23 hours on road trips with the family this summer, according to new research. During the summer, the average American is prepared to drive nearly three hours to reach their vacation destination.

The poll of 2,000 Americans found that during a typical summer, the average American will experience 11 bathroom breaks over the entire summer travel period -- for all the road trips taken during the summer.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, Americans will travel and have to deal with 19 bouts of hunger, 16 “are we there yets”, 18 “how much longer’s”, and 17 “I’m tired’s”.

The study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Quaker State examined the road trip habits and behaviors of 2,000 Americans and discovered that over the summer, the average American will eat 13 snacks along the way and play 16 car games during their travels.

But why are Americans choosing to drive to their summer destinations instead of fly? The biggest reason Americans are packing up the car when traveling to their summer destinations has to do with the simple fact that driving is a lot cheaper than flying, at least according to the 53 percent of those who reported this as their number one reason driving or taking a road trip during the summer.

Other reasons for Americans to drive as opposed to hitting the sky include: seeing and experiencing more together (43 percent) and spending quality family time with one another (41 percent).

Forty-five percent of those surveyed reveal they even take their pet on the road with them.

More than one in three of those surveyed chose to drive instead of fly to spend quality time with their family members.

It’s this quality time that Americans seem to enjoy. In fact, 78 percent of those surveyed revealed they have very fond memories of family road trips over the years.

“Summertime is when families take a break from school and work to come together and vacation with loved ones,” said Jaclyn Chastain, Quaker State Marketing Manager. “Spending time with family, especially in the car, provides some of the best time for bonding. We want families to know Quaker State will help protect their vehicle’s engine, so they can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.”

A two hour and 53 minute drive is the average that Americans are willing to voyage whether purely for a road trip or to reach their vacation destination.

During these car rides, Americans will experience three car games and three clammors of ‘are we there yet’.

In fact, the license plate game was chosen as the number one car game played by Americans –– with 43 percent enjoying this favorite pastime as they travel to their vacation destination.

But that’s not all that goes down during a long car ride to a vacation destination with the family.

Along the ride, music is played -- but which types of jams scored high among the best summer songs to listen to? Rock topped the list of summer songs to listen to in the car with over half (51 percent) reporting looking forward to rocking out with the family on their way to their vacation destination.

Other high scorers include pop (44 percent), country (41 percent) and hip-hop/rap (37 percent).

From classics by Elvis Presley, The Eagles and Whitney Houston to the contemporary artists like Ed Sheeran, Luke Bryan and Beyoncé, the roads this summer are in for a treat with Americans singing these (and many more) as they travel to their vacation destinations.

With so much time spent in the car during this summer, Americans have their go-to car activities that they do when traveling with the family. Seventy-one percent of those surveyed are big fans of eating snacks in the car while traveling.

Sixty-seven percent like a nice bathroom break stop while a further 66 percent don’t mind stopping for snacks during their summer travels.

However, snacks aren’t the only stops people make when traveling by car. In fact, the number one road trip stop is for fuel. Seven in 10 of those studied revealed they usually stop to fill up on fuel –– waiting an average of two hours and 14 minutes of driving to stop and fill up their gas tank.

With so much worry over the family car to make sure it gets families to their destination, Americans have pre-road trip essentials to help make the journey less stressful. It turns out, the top thing Americans do before heading out for a long drive or family road trip is to check their car’s tires (68 percent).

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