Carbon Fiber Skinning/Covering Desk Light (with my girlfriend)

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In this video my girlfriend and I, try to explain how to skin/cover a cheap desk light with real carbon fiber. This is a technique where you use real carbon fiber cloth and add some epoxy resin to give it some strength and stiffness. by using a sanding and build up technique you can get amazing results for carports, interior articles and many more, it’s up to you ;)

If you found this video interesting feel free to share, like, comment and maybe even add the video to your favorites or „watch later” ;)

Kind Regards, Matthieu Libeert

PS: If you have some questions don’t hesitate to ask them below ;) I even answer stupid questions…sometimes!

Materials used:
most products used in this video are from Easycomposites (UK) you can check out their website here

Carbon Fibre 2/2 Twill 12k 650g 1m Wide

EL2 Epoxy Laminating Resin

UPDATE: BETTER ALTERNATIVE (Will follow in a next video!)
Epoxy Coating Resin

FusionFix GP Spray Adhesive

Perma-Grit 32mm Disc with Arbor

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