$550 Robinhood Portfolio vs $500 M1 Finance Portfolio| What's in Your Portfolio Ep 008

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In this episode of What's in Your Portfolio I'll be looking at a $500 Robinhood portfolio and a $500 M1 Finance Portfolio. Even though these portfolios are close in size they are drastically different and have unique investing strategies. Let me know below what you think about these two different stock portfolios.

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2. Please try and send clear pictures, videos and feel free to leave your name and social media links as well
3. Send photos/ videos to me on twitter, instagram, facebook, OR email them to me at [email protected]


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Disclaimer: I am not a market professional, and investing in the stock market is inherently risky and should always be done with caution. This video is only for educational and entertainment purposes and you are investing at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. All opinions are my own.
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