Samsung galaxy Note 10 Plus vs S10 Plus | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review

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First impressions and hands on of the new Samsung note 10+ at Sembakkam Samsung galaxy note 10 plus is at its best for everyone around the globe for its lovers.still Samsung proves they are the has released the phones in two variants one is note 10 and note 10 plus.

Note 10 Aura Red :
Note 10 Aura Black :
Note 10 Aura Glow :
Note 10+ Aura White :
Note 10+ Aura Black :
Note 10+ Aura Glow :
Note 10+ Aura Black (512 GB) :
Note 10+ Aura Glow (512 GB) :

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Azhagiri St, Sembakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073
097910 50249

There are now two versions of the Galaxy Note: regular and supersize. And the Galaxy Note 10 Plus starting at 88k is the latter. 
At 6.8 inches, the Note 10 Plus is significantly bigger than the 6.3-inch Galaxy note 10 and last year's 6.4-inch Galaxy note 9 In fact, practically everything about this big size screen is bigger than before, including the RAM, storage, number of cameras, battery capacity and, yes, the price.
At the same time, Samsung trimmed off some things to make this handset lighter and slimmer than the Note 9, including the headphone jack. The Galaxy Note 10+ also includes some enhancements to the S Pen can such as converting handwriting to text,a more seamless way to connect the phone to your PC and new video effects to make your footage look more compelling. You can even use the Note 10 Plus as a 3D scanner.

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