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"... Imprisoned at the top of the dark tower, a lonesome Rapunzel is overheard singing by a handsome prince. Besotted with the young beauty, the prince uses Rapunzels long woven hair ton scaled the tall walls and climb through the window. Deeply in love, the pair plot their escape from the evil enchantress..."

Concrete Mix (Brushed, Blended, Broomed & Lined)
With its tufted, structured loop pile construction, Concrete Mix is highly resistant and hard wearing, so its ideal for high-traffic areas.

It has a high castor-chair rating, and provides reliable performance and visual appeal in a wide range of sectors.

There are four loop pile styles that complement each other. Combine these with a range of installation techniques, and you have endless design options and the freedom to express individual style and taste.

Concrete Mix pile yarns and backing contain pre-consumer recycled material, reducing environmental impact.

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