Restructuring Through Bankruptcy - Basics Of Corporate Bankruptcy

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In today’s video we cover the basics of corporate restructuring and the options available to executives.

The key questions to be covered are;
• What Is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?
• What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
• What Is Chapter 9 Bankruptcy?
• What are the shareholder wealth effects of corporate restructuring?
• Larger Vs Smaller Businesses? Success in bankruptcy
• What Is Prepackaged Bankruptcy?
• What Is A Workout?
• What are the tax advantages of Prepackaged Bankruptcies? Workouts?
The Following Are Some Key Terms Covered;
• Reorganization Plan
• Petition For Relief
• Proofs Of Claim
• Debtor In Possession
• Automatic Stay
• Schedule Of Assets and Liabilities
• Exclusivity Period

Bankruptcy can be a creative corporate finance tool. Reorganization through the bankruptcy process can in certain instances provide unique benefits that are unattainable through other means.

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