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I introduced the viewers and welcomed them to my channel as well as sharing who I am. I was talking about mental health awareness and briefly shared to what I am hoping to address to the viewers of the series that I am going to be sharing and they were as follows:

*Self-Harm: Types, definitions, misconceptions, lists of the misconceptions, why people self-harm, signs & symptoms of self-harming (what to look out for), Do's and Don'ts of self-harm, tips & advice for people who are self-harming, excuses to why people self-harm. Letter to the ones that are self-harming.

*Eating Disorders: Types, signs & symptoms (what to look out for), causes/triggers, misconceptions about eating disorders, myths of eating disorders, letter to eating disorders, do's and don'ts of eating disorders, reasons why we relapse, excuses, tips and advice.

*Depression: Types, signs & symptoms (what to look out for), What not to say to people who are depressed, causes/triggers, myths about depression, misconceptions, Letter to depression, tips and advice- How to overcome depression.

*Anxiety: Types, signs & symptoms (what to look out for), causes, myths, misconceptions, letter to my anxiety, tips and advice- how to overcome anxiety.

*Suicide: Signs & symptoms (what to look out for), causes/triggers, misconceptions, letter to loved ones, dealing with suicidal thoughts, tips and advice.

I also shared to the definitions of Mental health and other topics such as self-harm and used Wikipedia, WHO (World Health Organisation) site and Free Dictionary online to use their definitions.


*Youthline Training resources

Thanks for your support and for more updates, feel free to view my channel, share my videos to friends and family and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't done so already.
Thanks for watching.

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