The Division The Manhunted Commendation - Done in 1 Hour

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Hello my fellow commendation hunters !!

In this vid i show u a cheese method to get the revivalist commendation fast !!

This method is legit for DZ revival, Survival, Last stand and skirmish aswell.

Good luck agents !


Blood money Commendation Tips and Tricks

The Terminator Commendation Cheese

LMG kills 10000 in 8 hours

Sniper Kills 10000 in 10 hours

Grenade kills in 1.5 hours

Weakpoints 10000 in 1 hour

Destructive Appertite commendation in 3 hours

The Revivalist Commendation 2-4 hours

One Mans Trash Commendation 1500 items p/hour

Helping Hand Comendation in 2 hours

Funny video's

Grenade Trickshot and super throw How to do it

Slide Glitch, emote glitch Downed Glitch :

Delta mask how to get it :

Funniest 1v1 EVER !

Also on twitter :

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