Top 8 Ways to Get Approved for Social Security Disability

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Social Security does not make it easy to win disability benefits. Approval rates at hearings have dropped from around 60% just a few years ago to around 40% today. In some hearing offices, judges approve even lower percentages. Delays are increasing and many in Congress believe, incorrectly, that Social Security disability is riddled with fraud.

In this challenging environment, you need to understand exactly what it takes to win. In this video, I highlight eight factors that you should consider when applying, filling out SSA’s forms, or testifying at a hearing.

As I discussed in a previous video “What is the #1 Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Applying for Social Security Disability” (, you have to speak Social Security’s language and understand clearly what a Social Security judge or adjudicator must have in order to grant your application for benefits.

This video offers additional suggestions about crucial factors that can make the difference between and approval or a denial.

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