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Proofreading is essential for all the documents created nowadays. Microsoft Word provides remarkable proofreading tools for research so that changes can be tracked efficiently and requirements can also be typed right beside the document in a successful way.

The different proofreading tools in Microsoft word are track changes and new comment.

Track changes feature provides us with all the changes that have been done on a document visually so that the end user or the author of the file can review the changes easily and accept the changes at once.

This feature shows the changes that have been done in the document in red color so that changes can be identified easily.
The new comment feature is used to add comments to particular portions of the text so that the end user can get to know the comments provided by the evaluator or other users and edit those text lines as per the requirements.

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The Track Change tool and the Comment tool are very useful while a proofreader is evaluating the work digitally. It is very helpful in evaluating the assignments, presentations and even articles.

The track changes highlight’s the content that has been edited. You can accept all the changes once the corrections are made. There is another option called comment where the remarks can be made on the right hand side which appears inside the balloon.

The track change and the command options are the two essential tools. Just watch our video for more updates and stay tuned to our channel.

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