I Bet You Never Seen This Sweet Recipe Before - Ash Gourd Special Sweet By Village Women

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Fresh ash/wax gourd collected from tree and processing to unique sweet by women for whole village people.

About 50 pieces wax gourd was taken from the tree and then about 15 women cutting it into small small pieces. Then they put all the ash gourd pieces in Lime/CaO water and take out about 8 hours later.

Then women boiled it in hot water and again cutting it to more small pieces and then added some ingredient and sugar to make the perfect taste ash gourd sweet.

Ash/wax gourd called in Bengali "Chal Kumra" and this is new sweet recipe created by village women. This is actually whole process of how to transform ash/wax gourd into tasty sweet item.

This food program was arranged & funded by AroundMeBD youtube channel. This is charity food program for village people.

We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.
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