01 - Opening Theme FFVI [Sheet Music] - Aural Transcription

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This is an aural transcription and AUDIO RECREATION entirely by ear.
Compare to the original soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS9H4E1LdVI

01 - Opening Theme
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu

Well, this marks my first Sibelius transcription on my MacBook Pro as well as my first transcription using Sibelius 6! (That's right, I finally bought it!) XD

Anyway, for this project I used:
-Sibelius 6
-Total Recorder
-Viena Soundfont Editor
-FF6 custom SF by Mathew Valente
-SwitchSound File Converter

Uh... I think that's all of 'em.

Please rate, comment, sub, and enjoy!!! :P



Basically, this piece pretty much serves as the overture to the whole game. There is no underlying form to this composition, and several of the themes introduced will be heard throughout the game.

The quartal structure in the organ at the beginning is an interesting technique that Uematsu will also use repeatedly throughout the game (notice the quartal build up at the beginning of the BlackJack Airship theme). And of course, this same rendition heard at the title screen will come back as the introduction to the final boss theme.

Following the freely written, somewhat aleatoric piano section is another ominous thematic idea that will also be seen again at the end of the game during Tier 1 of the final boss fight. However, in the version heard here, the mood changes right before the progression hits the climactic point.

At this point the trumpet takes over (a very Gestahl Empire oriented instrument) and uses a rhythmic figure that is apparent in most empire situations. Though the melodic idea itself isn't one I recognized from anywhere else, the use of a triplet on the second beat will be heard in pieces such as "The Empire Gestahl" and "The Troops March on" (where the trumpet is the primary instrumental focus).

As the horn takes over this figure, the flute is introduced in another seemingly freestyle melody. However, though it could be coincidence, there are elements of thematic material in the consequent of "Forever Rachel" that are apparent in both the antecedent and consequent of this flute part.

The sporadic harp flourish, utilizing scale-degree #-11 is later heard at a rather large turning point in the game. This scale serves as the introduction to the Floating Continent theme (where we all know the world goes to crap after that).

Concluding this overture, is the theme very well recognized all throughout the game. This is basically our "good-guy" or "main character" theme. Though this is used specifically as Terra's Theme, I think it serves multi-purposefully in a more meaningful manner.


Download full score pdf here!
Part 1 of 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?3nf4r8rfsd381zf
Part 2 of 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?q62lw6k7dm2m70c

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