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The Most Entertaining Responses To Anti-Vaxxers

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Anti-vaxxer conspiracies have continued to spread and because of their beliefs - so have the measles. Oregon and Washington are among eighteen states that allow families to opt out of vaccines based on philosophical beliefs, which is why these areas have been the most recent hotbed for the measles outbreak. More than 50 people have been infected across Southwest Washington state and Northwest Oregon - and everyone is fed up with these science deniers.

"It's an outbreak because generally, the way we define an outbreak is when you have more observed cases than expected cases. And generally with measles, the expected number is zero," Dr. Alan Melnick with Clark County Public Health told KOIN6 TV in Portland, Oregon, last week. "You know, we have a very effective vaccine for measles. Two shots are 97 percent effective. We really shouldn't be seeing measles."

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