A Symphonic Metal Tribute To Steven Universe

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I love this show, it's got some great characters, entertaining stories, just the right amount of absurdity and a lot of heart. It's also got a wonderful soundtrack, courtesy of the talented duo of Aivi & Surasshu, whose jazz piano + chiptune style has some interesting parallels to my own metal + orchestra approach. So here's my tribute to the wonderful music of Steven Universe, a 12 minute whirlwind tour of Steven's world done in my usual Symphonic Metal style. Translating some of this music led me in some rather odd directions, but I had a lot of fun doing this :)

Original versions of all of the songs can be found over at Aivi & Surasshu's soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/aivisura

Music written by Aivi & Surasshu, Rebecca Sugar, Jeff Liu and probably some other folk I'm forgetting. All instruments arranged, performed and/or programmed by me (The L-Train). Special thanks to SmastersonMusic and Samuel Dawant for providing transcriptions of some of the songs, and further thanks to Cartoon Network, the Steven Crewniverse and all of the Steventhusiasts around the world.

Track list:
00:00 Intro
00:45 We Are The Crystal Gems
01:17 Pearl's Theme
01:50 Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart
03:16 Drop The Strawberry
03:57 Alone Together
04:48 Strong In The Real Way
06:30 Opal
07:30 Sugilite
08:17 I Am Lapis Lazuli
09:06 Stronger Than You
10:40 The Ocean Returns
11:03 Love Like You

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/theltrain9000

Download: https://thel-train.bandcamp.com/track/a-symphonic-metal-tribute-to-steven-universe

Bonus karaoke version: https://soundcloud.com/the-l-train-9000/asmt-steven-universe-karaoke

Artwork from Joe Johnston's official poster for the episode Ocean Gem: http://joethejohnston.tumblr.com/tagged/Ocean-Gem

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