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What is up guys! Cobra here with a new song ready for listening!

I am a huge Monstercat fan and have decided to use their Audio Visual to let YOU guys see what your favorite songs look like with it! All you have to do is leave a comment, and I will look at the song, get it, and then put it into a Monstercat visual!
You can say ANY song! I don't care what genre it is, either!

*All credit for the original visualizer goes to Monstercat, as I am just a fan that really knows how to use Adobe After Effects.
**All songs are not mine, AT ALL. This doesn't really matter for I do not monetize my videos, and so there should not be any copyright issues, especially since I put the artist and song name as the title.
***If I ever start using pictures in my videos (again, for those of you who have seen my past vids), I will put a link to where I got it from, and most likely the name of it or (since I like to use Anime) show/manga it is from.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I love to see my finished products! Thank you for watching.

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