Cinematic Rock Ballad Guitar Backing Track Jam in B Minor

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The gear I use to create the tracks:

Guitars and Tones:

♪ Fender American Pro Strat

♪ Epiphone ES-339 Pro

♪ Martin D-15M Acoustic

♪ Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

♪ IK Multimedia AmpliTube - Guitar tones

♪ Hughes&Kettner Black Spirit 200 Amp

♪ Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M Speaker Sim

♪ Two Notes Le Clean Dual Channel Preamp

Recording Equipment:

➢ IK Multimedia AXE I/O

➢ IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 49 MIDI Keyboard

➢ Lewitt LCT 440 PURE Acoustic Mic

➢ Shure SM57 Mic

➢ beyerdynamic DT-990 Headphones

➢ IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors

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© Copyright and Licensing...

All tracks & videos posted to this channel are created by and belong exclusively to Elevated Jam Tracks.

I allow the tracks to be used in Youtube/social media videos ONLY if the full collection is purchased from Bandcamp and the appropriate credit is given with a link back to my channel.

For the tracks to be used in any other way, a licensing agreement must be signed and a fee paid. For other business enquiries or questions about licensing, please contact me at this email: [email protected]

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