Mystery eBay Les Paul Reissue! I thought I Knew What I Was Buying... 1983 Gibson Prehistoric Reissue

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Find your own Les Paul on eBay!

(this is an affiliate link - by purchasing from this link, I get a commision)

When I first saw this Les Paul on eBay being advertised as a 2000 Les Paul 1959 R9 reissue - I knew that couldn't be correct. This is a perfect example of where it is important to look at the specs of the guitar and not just the serial number. Serials have been reused many times in Gibson history. The Seller thought this was a 2000s R9 - Gibson when called said it was a 2010 - I thought it was a 1989, but it turns out it is a 1983. Technically, neither of us were wrong if we just went souly on the serial number.

I believed this was a 1989 Les Paul Prehistoric Reissue guitar until I opened the guitar up and found '83 pot codes and '83 Tim Shaws!

That is when I was able to research and find there was a small run of Les Paul Reissues with the proper 1959 spec'd serial number before the Y PPP format was introduced for the main Reissue Line Up. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits used a Les Paul from this line up on many albums!

So, no one really knew what this guitar was - but I think I've now solved the case. This is a really rare guitar and a great piece of Gibson history!


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