Drywall Corner InSoFast Shipping Container

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Installing Drywall in a shipping container.
For More information: https://www.insofast.com/insulation-panels-for-shipping-containers.html
1. Use all-purpose standard length coarse thread drywall screws that you would use for wood framing.
2. Self-dimpling attachment sets the screw into the drywall and prevents the screw from spinning out.
3. Mark the wall to locate the ceiling studs before you install the drywall.
4. Ed, explains several methods for handling the inside corners of a shipping container.
5. We recommend Loctite PL Premium when gluing drywall into an inside corner of a Conex Box. https://www.insofast.com/explore/adhesive-attachment.html
6. A utility angle or light gauge metal "L" angle is used if attachment in the solidly backed corner is desired. https://www.insofast.com/explore/corners.html
7. Mark the ceiling and the wood window frame to locate the stud when you install the drywall.
8. Start your drywall screws before lifting the panel.
9. Ed: Tip at time it is easier to cut the drywall after it is up.

For More information: https://www.insofast.com/insulation-panels-for-shipping-containers.html

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