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FunPataka's AMMAYI Pogidithe Funny Prank EXTRA SHOTS | AlmostFun

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Prank Fails, Extras and Reveals of FunPataka's Prank Video - AMMAYI Pogidithe Funny Prank in Telugu

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AlmostFun is 2nd Channel of FunPataka.
Here we upload extra shots, uncut videos, prank fails, bloopers and Vlogs etc.

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Sshhh Prank Part-2 TEASER:

Cheppulu Poyinay Prank:


Dropping Boxes On People Prank in Telugu:

Korukutha Funny Prank:

Comment Trolling Prank #6 in Telugu :

నువు డ్రగ్స్ వాడుతావా..? ఫన్నీ ప్రాంక్:

Scolding People Prank in Telugu :

Mocking People Prank in Telugu:

Raatri Call Chesedhi Nuvve Kadaa Prank:

The Jitter Prank Part 2 in Telugu:

100K Subscribers Celebration with People:

Mannequin Prank in Hyderabad:

Anna Rammantundu Prank:

Comment Trolling Prank #5 in Telugu:

FunPataka's Intro Bloopers by Baby Manognya:

Staring and Scaring People Prank in Telugu:

Thank You AUNTY Prank in Telugu :

Hair Cutting Prank with Fake Trimmer in Telugu:

Thank You Uncle Prank in Telugu:

FunPataka's Most Popular Prank Clip:

Vomiting Prank In Telugu:

Comment Trolling Prank #4 in Telugu:

Bluetooth Headset Prank in Telugu:

Comment Trolling Prank 3 :

Fake EarPods Prank in Telugu:

Chatal Band Mix Dance Prank in Hyderabad:

Rangasthalam Chittibabu Prank :

Fake ₹2000 RUPEES Note Prank and Social Experiment :-

GAY Prank on Strangers:

Scaring People Prank In India:

Cute Girl Kissing Pillar:

Balayya’s 3MinTeluguChallenge:

Ugly Face Prank in Hyderabad:

Please Note Down A Number Prank in Hyderabad:

"What The DUCK" Prank:

Psycho Guy On Street Prank:

Spin The Bottle Game with Cute Girls:

Blind Mand Social Experiment:

Stealing People's Phone Prank:

Cheppulu Poyinay Prank Extra Shots
Hyderabad Pranks
We do comedy pranks in telugu. You can watch funny telugu pranks in our channel. Till now all our pranks were shot in Hyderabad. FunPataka is consistent Hyderabad pranks channel.

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