How to Add Featured Images or Post Thumbnails in WordPress

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Featured images are also called post thumbnails and are popular for WordPress themes. Most have built in support for featured images but if you don't know where to add it, it can be confusing for a new user. In this video we will show you how to add a featured image to your posts in WordPress.

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Featured images can look different and require different dimensions but most themes should have the same method for adding them.

When editing a post, in the bottom right of your page there should be a section titled Featured image where you can click the link to add the featured image to your post.

Be sure to set the title and the alt text for you users who use screen readers.

If you do not see the featured image section, first check under the screen options in the top right that it is checked.

If you still do not have a featured image option you would want to reach out to your theme for if featured images are available on your site.

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