Patrik Stefan Misses Empty Net - 2007 - Full Sequence (HQ Dual-Feed)

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Patrik Stefan could only guess how many times it will be shown around the world today, this week, this year and for the rest of time in hockey history. "They may show it a million times for years to come," he guessed.

Stefan was moving about the speed of a glacier, skating to the crease on his way to scoring an empty-net goal which would have iced a 6-4 win by the Dallas Stars over the Edmonton Oilers.
He was in the paint of the crease, inches from putting the puck in the net...

Then it happened. A play you've never seen before and will probably never see again. A play which will be shown untold times.

Unbelievably, the puck jumped over Stefan's stick. He missed the net! All the Stars players had quit on the play, thinking the game was over and all the Oilers were up the ice except Jarret Stoll, who grabbed the puck, sent it up the ice to Ryan Smyth, who passed it to Ales Hemsky, the rest is history.

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