Altitude to the Hypotenuse of a right triangle (Mean Proportional)

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In this video I will introduce you to the three similar triangles created when you construct an Altitude to the hypotenuse of a right triangle. I will go through how we know those triangles are similar, and several examples of how you can use this fact to solve for various lengths given some information about the picture. To skip to the examples go to 5:23 You can download my notes in pdf form and follow along with the video if you like:

NOTE: I know there are faster ways to solve these types of problems, I've even made videos about them years ago, but after teaching this topic for years, I've found that by relating it directly back to the three similar triangles students have more success in solving these problems (especially after some time has elapsed as this method requires no memorization beyond a simple understanding of similar triangles). If you'd like to watch the old video you can do that here:

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