Kenshi | Fogmen Only Playthrough + War with the Hive!!! | EP08

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Kenshi Playthrough where I'll be allowed to use only Fogmen and have to go to war against our cousins, the HIVE! The goal is to capture the Southern Hive Queen and hold her for a set period of time before executing here. All of the factions of Kenshi hate me, so I'll be having to contend to that too!

Check out Kenshi Here:

List of Mods I am using below

Font Redux -
Transparent UI -
Tame Beasties -
Deadhive overrun rebuildable -
Enlightened Fogman Prince Insane Difficulty -
Enlightened Fogman Prince -
More Plastic Surgeons -
Nice Map -
Animation Overhaul Crafting -
Fogmen eat raw meat -
Fogmen Acid Immunity -
Better Crop Fences -
General Modifications -
Military AOM crafting -
unlocked Armor -
Faces + Eyes Color Addon -
General Balance Fixes -
Craftable Edge Type 3 Weapons -
Dialogue Plus -
NWDM - Remove Hiver Weapon -
Hives Expanded -
Better Crop Fences Mod -
Fix Clipping Black Armor -
Fix Clipping Issues -
Black Armor -
Mask Plus -
Attack Slots 5x -
Minidoors -
Recruitable Prisoners -
Dog Backpack -
Advance Character Creation -
Military Craft -
NWDM Remove Triangle Bandit -
Legendary Weapons -
Faces Plus -
256 Recruitment Limit -
Reactive World -


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Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Outro Music by:
Pafiot - Serious War

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