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lymphatic system draining the easy way by lil ole me.

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This video was intended for a friend... but thought id make it available for others to use. SO,
You will need a friend to help.
A 'Blocked' Lymphatic system can cause all sorts of symptoms, as it carries the toxins within your body. You have around 600-700 Lymph' Glands in your body which 'clean out' the Lymphatic fluid within you, but the main 'key' glands that you will know are under both arm pits, both sides of your neck/chin and just bellow the Collar bone. These become swollen/inflamed and tender to touch when 'Blocked' and you may notice that your body/muscles and especially your calf/thigh muscles really ache when you squeeze them!!. This usually happens when you are 'run down' and your immune system is working overtime or when you have had a good hard workout/running. The Lymphatic fluid and glands are part of your immune system. If it becomes 'Blocked', the toxins in your body/blood stream build up and can not be removed effectively and so you feel even worse. If you have a 'Blocked' Lymphatic system for a long period of time, you could be more susceptible to other ailments and take longer to recover from an ailment and even continue to suffer with it.
The Lymphatic System is (un-equally) divided to Left & Right sides. The right glands are in charge of the right UPPER TORSO only... The left glands are in charge of the left and the rest of the body inc' BOTH legs!! Google it!!...Interesting read......Lymphatic system/draining.
There are various technics for 'Draining' the Lymphatic System with massaging.
With this 'easy' technic,you will be able to 'Drain' the Lymphatic system in a quick/aggressive way.( When i say aggressive......IT DOESN'T HURT!!)
I was shown/taught this by my Osteopath/Sport injury specialist after i was involved in a RTC and had a back injury and 'other' issues.
This is often used on Pro Athletes DAILY.
Im not saying you will suddenly be cured of your ailments, but i can assure you that you will feel better for it and you should start 'kicking' other ailments that you may be suffering with.
Side Effects of this being done are :
Light headed.
Vibrant yellow urine.
Strong 'yeast' oder to urine.
Urine slightly congealed.
The more you are effected by your 'Blockage', the more extreme these will be.
In 'Extreme' cases you may get a rush of un-controllable emotions.( I did !! )
ALL of the above are perfectly normal and short lived.
Drink LOTS of water and ONLY water for 24hrs afterward to flush out the kidneys, which is where the flushed toxins end up....if you don't flush them out, they WILL absorb back into your body.The first time you pee is when the worst of it is flushed out!! Keep up the water intake. Eat healthy food...esp' during flushing period!!
Tips to technic : RELAX!!!!!!!!!
1) Breath out as deep as you can first, then each tim...

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