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FaxZero Review How to Send Faxes for Free Using Online Fax Software

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FaxZero Review How to Send Faxes for Free Using Online Fax Software
I just had to find a free online fax tool and I wanted it to actually be free. I am tired of the - Free for 30 days, cancel anytime - type of free accounts. I literally send one fax per year. I am not trying to sign up for a month to month contract. I'm the type to forget to cancel before 30 days. Then I've wasted money on a service that I don't need.

So I had to find a free fax service that was secure, that worked fast and that was super duper easy. I stumbled upon Fax Zero when trying to find free fax services. This service was easy and fast.

Hopefully we can get rid of these at one point, but for now, I guess we'll have to settle for Fax Zero.

Note: This video was NOT sponsored.

Q: Is FaxZero secure?

A: All user information are encrypted and submitted through HTTPS protocol to our server. All outbound communication from our server are secured with either SSL or TLS. We keep our server softwares up to date to prevent any known exploits. Our security is up to the best of industry standards.

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