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Recited by Dr Sivaram Hariharan.
Mixed & Mastered by S. Sundar

These chants are taken from my new CD titled "PERMUTATIONAL PRAYERS VOL-II", a CD of 5 select Ghanam/Jathai/Kramam/Padam mixed tracks from the Krishna-Yajurvedam. By the blessings of my late Guru, Shri Tiruvaiyyaar Vishwanaatha Ghanapaadigal and Lord Krishna and Shiva, VOL-I was a tremendous success prompting this sequel venture. The CD has been produced in the studios of Sundar SivaramaKrishnan, Chennai, who has also provided the background score for this CD..

Why the title PERMUTATIONAL PRAYERS? Because Ghanam/Jathai/Kramam recitals are permutation and combination of words and tones in a super-sophisticated manner, the likes of which can never be seen anywhere outside the realm of the Vedaas.

For those interested, the full CD retails at Rs 200 (USD 10 overseas), a portion of which will be directed towards Veda and Cow- SamrakshaNa. The CD is also available for download.

The the track featured on the U-tube is the Esha the Rudra Bhaagaha from the Samhita (track 3) which features a recital of the Moola mantram-Padam-Kramam-Jathai-Ghanam.

The other four tracks on the CD are:
Track 1: Padam/Kramam/Jathai/Ghanam recital of GaNaaNaamtvaa
Track 2: Padam/Kramam/Jathai/Ghanam step-up mix from Shree Rudram (Namo Rudrebyaha)
Track 4: Padam/Kramam/Jathai/Ghanam step-up mix from Chamakam (Aayur Yagnena)
Track 5: Jathai from Chamkam (Ida Devahoor).

The JPEG image of the CD cover is depicted on the video.
This CD was produced in Chennai in the studios of Sundar SivaramaKrishnan.
VOL-I can be sampled here:

Performance of Yagnopaveetam and daily Sandhyavadhanam are MANDATORY for Vedic chanting.

Vedic Chantings are the exclusive property of the Hindu Religion & Faith, emanating from the supreme Godhead Krishna, the source of all sources. Any claims otherwise is an OFFENCE to Hindus and their way of life.

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