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KFC HOT DEVIL DRUMLETS • Creamy Cheese Tarts • Mukbang • Eating Show

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Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken's Hot Devil Drumlets and creamy Cheese Tarts!
The Hot Devil Drumlets comes in 2 flavors: Flaming Chili and Spicy Lime
I ordered 40 drumlets and 6 cheese tarts. Managed to eat 30 of the drumlets and all the cheese tarts with some coffee :)
The fried chicken was really delicious and the cheese tarts melts in your mouth! Hope you enjoyed this KFC mukbang show and food review. Thank you for watching!

2:23 Eating Starts, 9:40 Cheese Tart, 42:47 Eating Cheese Tarts with Coffee, 48:43 Eating Ends

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