Alone and Forsaken by Chet Atkins, performed by Alex Farran (69' Fender Princeton Reverb)

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A lovely and simple Chet Atkins tune that I often teach in lessons.

Tabs and other bits and pieces will be appearig on my facebook page soon, so go there and "like" that...

I used the following gear;

Custom made Thinline Tele
Boomerang III Looper
69' Fender Princeton Reverb (silverface, drip-edge... all original inc. CTS speaker)

In Logic I overdubbed an acoustic guitar part using my Martin OM-21

Then I simply added the usual mixing techniques... a touch of eq, compression, limiting, plus plate and room reverbs on the acoustic guitar only, *** all of the reverb on the electric part is courtesy of the Princeton ***.

I plan to add a Bigsby to this guitar very soon ;)

I will be consistently adding more and more videos to my channel, as well as some proper lessons, so please, if you like what you hear/see, lick the subscribe button to be alerted to any new videos.

I have a few things up on Soundcloud too and intend to add much more to that also...

And my duets with the amazing Merryn Ashwell...

Also, if you're interested in lessons, I teach professionally from my home studio in Nottingham, UK but also offer Skype lessons for Worldwide students. I teach a wide range of styles, but specialise in Blues, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Acoustic, Rock and World Music.

Thanks for watching/listening :)

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