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1st & 2nd plantings PART ONE

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In June, see the results or sowing undercover in late winter, plants set out early spring and protected by fleece/row cover. Easy growing, no dig with little weeding. There are flashbacks to my planting method and spacing, plus the harvests already taken. By early summer, except for parsnips, these plantings are harvested, cleared and new crops are growing, see them in the '2nd plantings' video December 2017.
At https://www.charlesdowding.co.uk/no-dig-growing/homeacres/ you can see how I created this no dig bed on weedy pasture, and have maintained it since 2013; this is its fifth year.
Harvests since I uploaded this video were 4.4kg potatoes, 0.4kg peas and 11.9kg onions, making the total from these first plantings of 53.06kg/116.7lb.
There will be the same again or more from the summer plantings, all on a bed of 5x16ft/1.5x5.5m.
Filmed and edited by my son Edward https://edowding.net/

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