Pokémon Sun/Moon - Ash-Greninja Theme Cover [Special]

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Hi everyone! This one's dedicated to my good friend Eli, whom I've known from all the way back when he only had 100-ish subscribers and only one channel. I admired his hard work and dedication, and he's the reason I started my channel and doing the things I do now. So I wanna congratulate him for reaching 70k on his Pokeli channel and 50k on his Mixeli channel, there's no doubt he'll make it veeeery far with all of his hard work, so go sub to him please ^^
Eli, love you man!!

Also, working on some more recreations for Generations, so stay tuned!! Please leave a like if you enjoyed this theme ;)

★ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slhtubit92
★ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/slhtubit92

Credit: Nintendo, Game Freak, Creature Inc., TPCi
Recreation by me :)
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