Syl Johnson - Everybody Needs Love [Twinight] 1971 Deep Soul 45

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Syl Johnson - Everybody Needs Love
Twinight Records # TWR 155, released in 1971.
Underrated crossover deep soul with killer arrangments that is hidden on the b-side of Syl's "That's why" 45. And I must say - this song is truly amazing! One of my alltime favorites deep soulful choones - that i still can't stop playing! Everybody needs love and everybody can afford this beautiful lowcost 2-sider. Vinyl rip from musicdawn 45's record collection.

"Syl Johnson - Everybody Needs Love" lyrics excerpt:
When you hear what i've got to say
I'm sure you won't be able to turn your head away
Cause what i'm gonna talk about
Nobody, nobody, nobody wants to be without
Makes no differents who you are,
Or what breed you're happen to be
As long as you live and breathing
This is got to be one of your needs
Everybody needs love
Everybody needs love love love
Everybody needs love
And i need some love...

Hear northern soul a-side "Syl Johnson - That's Why":

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