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Post Trauma Removal Session - Hypnotherapy Session

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Hello from the UK Hypnosis Academy,

This is a very powerful and emotive video we bring to you this week.

There is bad language but not a lot so those with dainty ears or cant handle reality, please dont watch.

This is a session conducted by myself and a larger than life amazing human and UK Firefighter.... who had and I said had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This was, as you can see a very Impromptu session on out Hypnotherapy Diploma in Sept 2017.

Andy had been a 15 year plus serving Firefighter and Parachute Regiment in British Army, One day he hopes to be a real parachutist and jump from 13,000 ft (Thats real Skydiving) xx

In this video you will see how a very simple but Intuitive Hypnosis session can be powerful.

Hypnosis is not about words, thats why scripts are useless.... there is only one Script..... Your Client.

You can learn with us on why this session was so successful in person or online.

Once again sorry for some bad language, but if your offended your in the wrong profession.

Train with the UKs Leading Independent Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training centre.

Online -

In person

Just remember this is a powerful session, that worked. Im not Interested in lame duck comments. The guy in the Chair is more than happy with the results!


All the best, much love, be safe

Karl Smith

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