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Webinar: Machine Learning Mastery Workshop, An Exclusive Peek "Under the Hood"

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In this webinar, we’ll give you the key information and insight you need to quickly evaluate whether Enthought’s Machine Learning Mastery Workshop course (https://www.enthought.com/machine-learning-mastery-workshop-training) is the right solution for you to build skills in using Python for predictive modeling and advanced analytics, including:

*Who will benefit most from the course, and what prerequisite knowledge is required
*What topics the course covers - a guided tour
*What new knowledge, skills, and capabilities you’ll take away, and how the course design supports those outcomes
*What the (highly interactive) learning experience is like
*Why this course is different from other training alternatives (with a preview of actual course materials!)
*What previous workshop attendees say about our courses

Why Has Machine Learning Become So Popular?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a defining feature of the 21st century and are quickly becoming a key factor in gaining and maintaining competitive advantage in each industry which incorporates them. Why is machine learning so beneficial? Because it provides a fast and flexible way to build models that can surface signal, find patterns, and predict future behavior. These powerful models are used for:

*forecasting supply chain availability
*clustering product defects for QA
*anticipating movements in financial markets
*predicting chemical tolerances
*optimizing the placement of advertisements
*managing process engineering
*modeling reservoir production
*and much more.

In response to growing demand for Machine Learning expertise, we have developed an intensive 3-day guided practicum to bring you up to speed quickly on key concepts and skills in this exciting realm. Join us in this webinar for an in-depth overview of Enthought's Machine Learning Mastery Workshop -- a training course designed to accelerate the development of intuition, skill, and confidence in applying machine learning methods to solve real-world problems.

In the webinar we'll describe how Enthought’s training course combines conceptual knowledge of machine learning models with intensive experience applying them to real-world data to develop skill in applying Python's machine learning tools, such as the scikit-learn package, to make predictions about complicated phenomena by leveraging the information contained in numerical data, natural language, 2D images, and discrete categories.

The hands-on, interactive course was created ground up by our training experts to enable you to develop transferable skills in Machine Learning that you can apply back at work the next day.

*Free Machine Learning Cheat Sheets: https://www.enthought.com/training/course/machine-learning-mastery-workshop/#ML-cheat-sheet-download

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