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Build on Your Strengths: How to be More Consistent

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In this video I share a very simple idea that will help you become more consistent with your diet and nutrition.

And this idea can be used to develop consistency in all other areas of your life.

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Key Points:

We're taught ever since we were kids to focus on problems and solve them.

When we come back from school with a list of grades most of the time we just see the worse ones and try to correct them.

This trains our mind to look at fixing our weaknesses instead of building on our strengths.

A great example is someone on a diet plan to lose weight.

Most people just look at those days they weren't on track and they try to analyze what happens. They try to see what went wrong.

And it's natural that we focus on problems. We always talk about problems. When was the last time someone called you and just talked about things they did well.

The reality is that the person dieting isn't always off. They have good and bad days and it's just about the ratio between the two.

More frequent good days get more results.

So why not then look at what you did on those good days and focus on expanding on those types of behavior.

Looking at the bad day can get you paralyzed and in a negative state of mind.

But what if instead you just looked at those awesome days where you performed great and just repeated that.

This will empower you, it will allow you to build self-trust and get you on an upward spiral.

And you'll trust yourself that you can do it no matter what anyone else thinks.

You may be surprised how well you do if you simply shift your mind to this new way of thinking.

As they say "A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings."

Success comes down to self-efficacy, believing that you can do it and if you look at your strong points and simply work with those you'll be cultivating that self-efficacy.

If you resented with the idea from the video comment below.

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Talk soon, Mario

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