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From the Latin limen-mìnis, threshold but also beginning, end, fulfillment.
In a broader sense it may refer to a "here" and a "beyond" as a search for one
different condition.
The Skin, limiting between the "inside" (the body - the matter that it possesses in itself the
principle of movement, instrument of the practical action of a spiritual conscience) ed
the "outside" (otherness - the "not me"), reservoir of receptors, means of exchange e
translator of physical and chemical stimuli, it is the threshold that separates the inexpressible from
we bring in the incomprehensible that is outside us, the barrier that defines us.
Movement, time on the body and muscles under the skin, plasma and alter
this barrier, renewing both its interior and exterior.
It is only on the threshold, it is only through movement that their dialogue takes place
impossible, through the search for a balance, for an immaterial proprioception,
expressed with symmetrical geometries and paramorphisms that challenge static and dynamic.
Original music: Federico De Caroli-DECA

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