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Tales Of The Neon Sea | Beautiful Pixel Art Cyber Dystopia Detective RPG (Gameplay)

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Tales Of The Neon Sea Game
Part 1: https://youtu.be/C1ta8IJHC60

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Recommended Gameplay:

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▶ Thief Simulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFphZkXFwfI&list=PLENba4NF0eFR-O6Dx6-sN9nuKgGdvl0Vv

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▶ Infected Shelter: https://youtu.be/XqszQCZpIRE

▶ Save Koch: https://youtu.be/rsQblIhko4U

▶ Dark Future Blood Red State: https://youtu.be/CmEt7UMOJHo

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Let's Play Tales Of The Neon Sea 2019 Gameplay! Tales of the Neon Sea is an exciting new adventure from Chinese indie studio Palm Pioneer available for PC, Nintendo Switch, XBOX ONE, and PS4.

In the near future, humans and sentient AI robots rely on each other for survival despite growing tensions and unease. Our protagonist, formerly a veteran police detective but now retired following years of frustration and disillusionment, spends his days intoxicated while accepting random jobs as a private investigator to make ends meet.

This drunken cycle is broken when our hero becomes entangled in a murder case, one which holds the key to tracking down a monstrous killer who long ago escaped justice. Unlock your memories, decode the truth, and resist drowning in the wave of conspiracy that grips the city!

Tales Of The Neon Sea Trailer / Steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/828740/Tales_of_the_Neon_Sea/
Tales Of The Neon Sea Download - http://www.zodiacinteractive.com/tales_of_the_neon_sea

#talesoftheneonsea #indie #cyberpunk

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