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Stream Highlights from 4/20/17
420 belate it
— — — — — — — —

Video Edited by Cinister

Cinister will be editing together stream highlights for the forseeable future, he's done so on his own channel for some time and because It's difficult for me to fit highlight editing into my schedule I offered to upload the highlights here and split the revenue. I may still edit together clips myself sometimes, but he otherwise will generally be the reason I manage to upload them.

I'll also be returning with new commentary/throwaway videos on this channel alongside with future stream highlights. And yes, i'm still making videos for my main channel. But expect this channel to be more like the 2015-2016 era of my main channel, while my main channel continues at its current ~1-2 week upload pace.

I also still actively stream on twitch, and I have a discord for my twitch (if you want to find it, the stream is where you'll find your answer)

Cheers! -FUNKe

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