#TalentTalk on Employer Brand - Vodafone's journey from EVP definition to global deployment

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One of the most important challenges facing talent acquisition teams today is the ability to attract high performing passive candidates by engaging them with relevant and compelling content. Candidates today are changing the way they research and evaluate potential employers. The explosion of digital channels and employer visibility, coupled with the emergence of increasingly discerning, well-informed candidates means a more sophisticated approach is required to help recruitment teams succeed.

In this session Scot will look at how recruitment teams can adapt to the new candidate journey by reaching candidates at the moments that most influence their decisions, and how employers can best use their investment in their employer brand to stimulate interest amongst the hard to reach passive majority.

Exceptional candidate experience is essential in attracting the best talent to your business, but stellar CX can only be built with a strong employer brand as its foundation.

Catalina will take an interactive look at the journey Vodafone took to reconcile its employer value proposition with its position as one of Britain’s most valuable brands.

As well as providing personal insight in to how her professional background aided her in her task, Catalina will look at how Vodafone moved from defining their employer brand, to its deployment and localization across 26 countries.

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