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Here's the tea on why it ain't working for you!

Let's face it y'all: we've got to stop pretending our hair is just one big puzzle that we'll never figure out. There are actual reasons as to why our natural hair growth is lagging, so don't play yourself! Take the info in this video and move forward in a more informed way.

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Here's why your hair isn't growing.

1) GENETICS - Our hair follicles are genetically programmed to grow hair over a certain period of time called the ANAGEN PHASE. That lasts for 2-4 years on average. Some people genetically have longer anagen phases than others, which means that we naturally have different lengths of time for which our follicles actively produce and lengthen hair.

Further...we genetically have different hair growth rates, which is just how FAST the follicles add protein to lengthen hair strands.

So you can imagine that someone with a long Anagen phase and fast hair growth rate would naturally have longer hair than someone with a shorter Anagen phase and slow hair growth rate. Make sense?

PRO TIP: Be sure to minimize the stress in your life, which is known to SHORTEN the anagen phase of the hair life cycle and INCREASE shedding.

2) DIET - To maximize your natural hair growth potential, be sure to maintain a balanced diet with all the necessary vitamins for healthy hair - vitamins A, B, C, D, and E are all great. You can get all of these vitamins through a normal diet, but if you have a restricted diet (i.e vegan) make sure to take supplements!

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3) BE GENTLE - Mechanical damage due to the way you handle your hair is probably the most common reason why your hair "doesn't grow."

If your hair is GROWING at your scalp but BREAKING at your ends (which are the most fragile parts of your hair), then you won't make any progress length-wise.

Dentangle safely using a conditioner with slip, don't protective style too tightly, show some extra love to your ends and moisturize them thoroughly. All of these things compounded will help keep your hair strands in tact!

4) MOISTURE / PROTEIN BALANCE - Over-moisturizing your hair by using excessive amounts of product, water, and deep conditioner daily can physically stress your hair strands into a state of ultra-elasticity, where your hair feels mushy and stretchy. This is where you'll start to hear your hair go "pop!" whenever handling it.

At that point, it's a good idea to use something like a reconstructing conditioner, which is like a mild protein treatment.

If you overload on protein through protein treatments or products with protein in them, you might be left with stiff, brittle hair strands that just don't feel good. At that point, it's a good idea to wash and re-moisturize without any additional protein products!

5) WEAR YOUR BONNET TO BED - Humans spend an average of 230K hrs asleep throughout their lifetime. That's 230K hrs of unprotected hair if you're not wearing your satin scarf or using your silk pillowcase in bed!

DON'T PLAY YOURSELF. PROTECT YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT from undue breakage and dryness.

And that's it!

Hope these tips help! Don't forget to subscribe for more!

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