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Advertising on Facebook Worth It? - Top 5 Reasons Paid Facebook Ads Are Worth The Money

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Is advertising on Facebook worth it for Your Business? Here are 5 reasons you should be using Facebook ads to grow your business.

Many marketers who have tried Facebook ads, especially in their early days, decided that Facebook advertising doesn't work. Which is why on today’s episode we’re answering the question once and for all are Facebook ads worth it?

One of the biggest advantages of using Facebook to advertise is the fact that Facebook ads are purchased on an auction basis, where advertisers are charged based on either clicks, impressions or actions. This means you only pay when some takes the exact action you want them to take.

If you want video views or clicks to your website; you can decide exactly how much each is worth to you. This level of budget control allows you to amplify your social media marketing campaigns with Facebook advertising.

You can growth hack your way to profits by simply allocating your budget to the best performing ads and placements while turning off whatever doesn't produce the results your looking for.

The Facebook Ads Manager app allows businesses to stay connected with their ad performance no matter where they are. Once you get the hang of the easy to use Facebook Ad Manger interface you'll effortlessly find more customers, build your brand, and sell more stuff with Facebook ads.

As a social media manager, understanding how to leverage Facebook Ads for your marketing strategy is essential. Facebook ads represent a great opportunity to reach a large number of people and Facebook ads help people discover your business.

With more than 1.92 billion users Facebook has truly transformed the world of social advertising. The sheer size of it's user based makes advertising on Facebook worth it.

So, what does optimized Facebook advertising actually look like? Are looking for some advanced Facebook Advertising strategies. The Facebook Advertising beginner's guide will teach you how to get started with Facebook Ads.

Get the latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Facebook Advertising by watching this This always-up-to-date beginner's guide to Facebook advertising.

I guarantee this will help you select the right types of ads for your business:

If you want tot learn how to maximize your Facebook advertising campaign using visuals, copy, and calls-to-action while using landing pages to convert customers, be sure to watch this video tutorial where you'll discover the ROT copy writing formula:

Plus when you have the Facebook pixel set up, you can use Facebook ads reporting to understand the sales and revenue that resulted from your ads. To learn more about the tracking pixcel and how to use it check out this video:

Watch this video now learn about the top 5 reasons advertising on Facebook worth it to grow your business.

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