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The Flash Season 6 Is Going To Bring More Speedsters Than Ever
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When this CW show started it was a big deal to reach Mach 2. Now that’s nothing for just about every speedster in this video.

Things keep getting faster and faster for Barry Allen. First it was Reverse Flash. Then, Zoom came around and groomed Allen’s speed. The next thing we all knew Savitar announced himself the god of speed. Between all those shenanigans, plenty of other speedsters tried to dethrone Barry Allen as the fastest man alive. Of course, that’s no easy task. Many people have failed, but they still managed to earn a spot on these rankings. We hope you’ve got the need; the need for speed. Things are about to get faster than the speed of light here on The Binger.

Click on that link and prepare to go Mach 13 for this list. Some of these entries might just shock you. It’s all here for you to find out now, so go ahead and get your comments ready for the fastest Flash speedsters ranked!

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