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As a feminist, you have to consider both sides of the same coin.

I'm proud to be the creative director for Los Angeles's Youtube Space LA! In the spirit of this initiative that empowers women in front of and behind the camera, I'm happy to tell you that we had an all female crew.

Director - Yulin Kuang
Writer - Yulin Kuang & Suzi Barrett
Producer - Sienna Beckman
DP - Alyssa Brocato
Assitant Camera - Marisa Gerardin
Gaffer - Megan Stacey
Grip - Melissa Gasca
Sound Mixer - Katelyn Springman
Assistant Director - Angela Chen
Graphic Designer - Bethany Radloff
Editor - Nicole Tang
VFX - Kaitlyn Yang at Alpha Studios
Color Correction - Persephanie Engel at Neptune Post
Composer - Joy Ngiaw
Post Sound Mixing and Editing - Angela Kwan
Post Production Sound - Listen 2

Sara - Anna Akana
Bill - Brad Gage
Beth - Courtney Pauroso
Eliza - Melanie Starks
Woman 1 - Rachel Armstrong
Woman 2 - Maya Ferrera
Steve the Intern - Ethan Dawes
Amy (female boss) - Amy Holt
Lunch crowd of men - Marc Amadin , Steven Loomis, Eliot Schwartz, Kiel Kennedy
Lunch crowd of ladies - Maya Ferrera, Rachel Armstrong, Melissa Gasca, Angela Chen, Sienna Beckman

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