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Portable Valve Operator for Valve Exercising Demo - Reed Manufacturing

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Reed’s Portable Valve Operators are inexpensive tools that are a great power alternative to hand turning valves. Learn more and view selection: https://www.reedmfgco.com/en/products/water-services-tools-and-machines/valve-operators/.

Handheld Valve Operators provide power to make valve turns easy. This portable, power tool is great for preventive maintenance in valve exercising. Individuals working alone can isolate a leak by shutting multiple valves with this time-saving power tool. Electric (VOKU700PD) or pneumatic (VOKU700APD) power drive kits are offered. The utility clutch with over torque protection is adjustable but factory set at 150 lb-ft of torque. Clutch range is 7 to 204 lb-ft and disengages when torque exceeds preset value and automatically reengages. The valve key extends from 4 to 9 feet and recommended operation is at chest height for best leverage. One utility clutch (VOKUCLUTCH) ships with each kit. An additional clutch may be useful when set to another torque limit and valuable for shops or utility companies that have valves with different torque capacities. Add the Digital Counter accessory VOKCNT to keep track of turns for the operator: https://www.reedmfgco.com/en/products/water-services-tools-and-machines/valve-operators/valve-operators-accessories/vokcnt/

Browse all Reed water services tools and machines: https://www.reedmfgco.com/en/products/water-services-tools-and-machines/.

To learn more about Reed, to browse all products, or find where to buy, visit our website: https://www.reedmfgco.com.

Please contact us with any questions: https://www.reedmfgco.com/en/contact-reed.

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