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7 Ways To Make Your Ex Think About You Constantly

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7 Ways To Make Your Ex Think About You Constantly

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Prefer to Read? Blog post version:

Hey guys, I’m Brad Browning, your favorite breakup expert... If you’re watching one of my videos for the first time, then hello and thanks for tuning in. I’m the author of the best-selling Ex Factor program, which teaches readers how to win back their ex and re-build a lasting relationship. If you haven’t already, please make sure to subscribe to my channel and click that little bell icon right beside the subscribe button… that way, you’ll be notified when I release my next breakup advice video.

FACT #1: Humans tend to overvalue what they no longer have. The studies on this are extensive, and leave little doubt that we all have a tendency to place a higher value on something we’ve lost or missed out on, than on something we’ve gained.

FACT #2: Losses increase our arousal more than gains. In fact, the research suggests that losses are twice as impactful on people, psychologically, as gains. Now we already know that emotional arousal is one of the best ways to incentivize ACTION, which is exactly what you want to achieve with your ex, right!? Just take a moment and ask yourself: do I want to work overtime trying to win my ex back, or simply use a little psychology to make THEM chase ME??

Use the 30 days no contact rule that I’ve discussed in detail in many of my previous videos. I know you don’t want to hear more about No Contact, but as the old saying goes, “absence makes the FOMO grow…or is it the heart.... grow fonder?” Either way, the fact is that initiating a period of no contact with your ex is one of the best ways to pique their curiosity about what you’ve been up to (and what they may be missing out on). As hard as it might be, this time apart will create a healthy separation that can only increase your chances of success when you do get back in touch.

Limit initial communication to text messages and social media. It’s less invasive and gives you more time to plan what you want to say. Plus, in our modern, tech-driven world most people have become hyper sensitized to fear missing out on…well, everything! This means that text message and especially social media are the IDEAL mediums for maximal FOMO generation.

Stop and think carefully about each message before you hit send – ask yourself if what you’re saying will achieve the desired FOMO effect, or whether it might make it a little too obvious that you’ve been letting your OWN fear of missing THEM run wild.

Don’t start re-establishing the connection with your ex by suddenly sending them 50 messages a day…. Remember that the Tortoise always beats the Hare in the long run, so be patient and don’t try to rush things. Just try using one simple, fun text message to break the ice when No Contact is over. If you’re not sure what this would look like, I’ve included a ton of examples of attraction-building messages that are ideal for this type of situation in the video on my website, BreakupBrad.com.

Post pictures that create FOMO – and no, I don’t mean selfies! It could be a picture of you at a dinner party, or on a weekend away with your friends. You don’t necessarily need to be specific about who you were with or what you were doing. The point here is to let them see the *fun* that they are missing out on.

Avoid overly emotional messages or posts on social media. This means no sad or crying emojis, and no ‘I miss you’ messages. The goal is to show them you are a confident person leading a fun and interesting life… you’re thriving since the breakup, which is the opposite of what your ex is expecting. Learn to recognize the FOMO response in yourself to avoid the sort of overly emotional posts and messages that make you seem sad, needy, and desperate.

This leads me to my final tip, number 7: sign up for my Ex Factor program at my website -- www.BreakupBrad.com/buy …. My 60-day satisfaction guarantee means you have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Hit up BreakupBrad.com/Buy right now and grab your copy to get started right now.

Let me know how it goes by commenting below! And thank you, beautiful people of YouTube, for tuning in to this video… now it’s time to get out there and start using FOMO to get a second chance with your ex. Good luck, and see you in the next video!

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